References, some of our previous works

Warner Home Video Kft. / Fórum Home Entertainment Hungary Kft. / N-Kip Zrt.

  • Interactive information kiosks in Tesco and Auchan shopping centers to present the products (DVD information, movie trailers, etc.)

Atlantic Design Kft.

  • The "Infocenter" software of an information terminal at an international furniture exhibition

OTP Bank Zrt. / Uzume Consulting Kft.

  • Nearly fifty high resolution digital panoramic images (panorama photos) of several cities and towns of Hungary (photographing + digital image post-production). These were used mainly as large outdoor and indoor posters in the "PayPass" advertising campaign of the OTP Bank Hungary.
  • Web banner video post-processing works and e-dm (electronic direct mail) editing again for the "PayPass" ad campaign of the OTP Bank Hungary.

Some major professional experiences of our higher education staff

IT + Internet

  • PHP and Java based software development, creating modules for CMS (content management system) for websites of different public and private companies.

IT + Gambling industry

  • Casino controlling and online cassa software for international arcades (electronic casinos) and traditional casinos.

IT + Media

  • Resource management system, executive's presentations, computer system supervisor tasks, etc. at the hungarian public television company.
  • Sound engineering, digital sound editing, conducting radio broadcasts, etc. at an experimental commercial radio station.


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