Overview of our main activities

Website development, creating web pages

  • Designing websites (structure, functions, and even the content)
  • Full technical implementation (using mainly php and javascript technologies)
  • Flexible web design (including alignment, graphics, CSS, etc.) that looks good both on desktop computers and mobile devices

Other IT actions

  • Search engine optimization (SEO): perparing the websites to achieve the best results in the major web search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.)
  • IT consultancy
  • Corporate identity design
  • Computer graphics, digital image editing (post-processing), creating vector graphics elements (ie. logo or icon)
  • Database design
  • Complete IT system design

Digital photographing

  • Creating high definition circular panoramic images (for example to print it out or publicate on a web page, even in an interactive form)
  • Nature photography, photographing landscapes
  • Street photography, photographing towns, villages, etc.
  • Building photography (outdoor / indoor)
  • Product photography
  • Event photography
  • Macro photography (shooting close-ups of small objects, products or even living creatures)
  • Taking photos on request (within the territory of Hungary)
  • Leasing our own photos
  • Lots of reference photos can be fount on the Panadea.com website, for example here: www.panadea.com/hu/guidebook/budapest/allphotos

Online travel guide

  • Multilingual descriptions of cities, towns and other interesting places
  • Many interesting and/or useful information on many subjects related to the locations
  • Tens of thousands of standard photos, as well as special 3D-like panorama photos (panoramic images)


  • Primarily English to Hungarian and Hungarian to English


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