Fire safety services

1. Overview

In the context of the fire safety services the Neuronit Kft. undertakes to create the Fire Protection Rules of apartment buildings and companies, properly for the legal requirement (Hungarian Law Regulation about making Fire Safety Rules, "30/1996. (XII. 6.) BM rendelet").

We would like to pay your attention that according to this regulation if the property is a residental building or part of a building with three or more storeys and at least ten apartments, the representative, the chairman of the executive committee or the owner of the property must set up the Fire Protection Rules.

In case of a fire incident or an official inspection the absence of the fire protection rules causes imposition of fire safety fines!

On this topic please contact our fire protection engineer colleague on the +36-20-545-9228 phone number. To request an offer send an email to info.

2. Detailed description of the service

2.1. Fire safety rules of apartment buildings

After you call us or send a request our colleague contact you to consult about the site survey. Within the administrative borders of Budapest the travel to the site and the site survey are completely free of charge!

After the site survey and the written order we create the complete Fire Safety Rules (or Fire Protection Rules) document within 5 working days. The document also includes a proposal with recommendations to the necessary changes in the building's fire safety state to meet the regulations, as well as an escape route plan, placing guide for the fire extinguishers, and a plan for the necessary periodic reviews of the electric systems.

Our price offer:

  • up to 5 storeys: HUF 21,000 (excluding VAT),
  • from 5 to 10 storeys: HUF 56,000 (excluding VAT).

2.2. Creating Fire Safety Regulations for companies

The juridical persons (e.g. companies) and the individuals who perform economic activity have to create Fire Safety Rules if

  • they employ more than five employees, including their family members who participate in the working practices,
  • there is such premise within the operated or rented building or part of the building, that has capacity of more than 50 persons, or
  • they operate a commercial accommodation

If your organization falls within the scope of the law as described above, we welcome your inquiry.

After receiving your request our colleague will contact you to arrange the on-site consultation and the site survey. The site survey and travelling to the site within the administrative borders of Budapest are free of charge!


For companies the Fire Safety Rules are created on the basis of unique offers, whose content depends primarily on the scope of activities of the company and the size of the company's premises.

2.3. Continuous support of the fire protection tasks

Inspecting the fire safety condition of the facility, updating the Fire Protection Rules when needed for example due to law changes. Organizing the maintenance and the mandatory investigation of the status of the fire extinguishers, safety signs and the firewater sources, as well as the also obligatory periodic examination of the electric devices. Fire safety training once a year. Participation in the course of official controls.

When choosing these tasks a fixed-term contract will be concluded.


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